PHPR is ready to serve you with expertise for projects ranging from a one-time advertising campaign to guidance on setting up an internal PR department. 

PHPR Services:

Advertising Strategies

Branding, Positioning, and Messaging

Business Development Advisory

Communication Audits, Research and Feasibility Studies

Community Relations and Educational Outreach

Creative Internal Communications

How to Establish and Manage Internal PR Departments

Issue and Crisis Management

Marketing Support Programs

Media Relations

New Media, Social Media and a Viable Web Presence  

PR/Marketing Program Design

Professional Transition Services

Sales Incentive Programs

Our client relationships are straightforward. We’re here to help. Clients engage us on an hourly, project or retainer basis. On each assignment, we customize our approach to meet the client’s unique needs.
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Fundamental to a good name is the understanding and support of stakeholders such as customers, employees, shareholders, and communities. To help achieve that understanding and support, we advise clients and work with programs that directly impact how they are perceived by their most important constituents. We believe that public relations counselors are most effective when they advise management on important decisions before those decisions are made.


An experienced mechanic once repaired a machine with one sharp tap of his hammer. His customer, shocked when asked to pay $150, requested an invoice detailing the charge: