For over four decades, PHPR’s Paige Hendricks has guided executives toward effective strategic communications with solutions that support market success and align audience perceptions with
leadership objectives.

We’ve heard repeatedly that we bring value to engagements through:

  1. Concise, accurate strategic analysis of business goals and current problem

  2. Creative, targeted solutions

  3. Recommending only what is needed

  4. Getting it right the first time

  5. Responsive ability to consistently meet reasonable deadlines

  6. Using the client’s time well

  7. Assuring that the client always knows project status and how fees are being spent

  8. Sharing our plethora of strategic community relationships

  9. Recommending excellent support resources as needed

  10. Genuinely caring about each business’s success

From issue and crisis management to comprehensive communication program design, PHPR’s track record is stellar – as reflected in frequent referrals and follow-on engagements.

Client comments about phpr

Thank you for your creativity and enthusiasm which helped MBT have a successful launch. you were dedicated to our success, and we sincerely appreciate it. 
-Glenn T. Monroe, CEO, Meridian Bank Texas

Fifteen years is a long time to work together. We are grateful for everything you have done for us. We are a much improved organization over the one you found and guided through our many projects together.
-Bo Soderbergh, executive director, Tarrant Area Food Bank

The Foundation was complimented on its openness and transparency. Our work is paying off in a big way."
-Sid Johnston, executive director, First Methodist Church of Fort Worth Foundation

We’ve been helping companies like yours since 1978. Thank you for your interest.

We’ve been helping companies like yours since 1978. Thank you for your interest.